You Can FINALLY Add Music To Insta Stories And Here's How

2 July 2018, 12:39

Music is now available on Instagram Stories
Music is now available on Instagram Stories. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

It's the feature you've been waiting for.

Instagram has finally begun rolling out it's long-awaited Instagram Stories music stickers, giving users the ability to add their favourite songs to their stories. From Top 40 hits to obscure instrumentals, there are literally thousands of songs to pick from in Instagram's music library - and here's how you add them to your story.

How to use Instagram's new music stickers to add songs to your Insta Story

1. Take the video or photo you want to use on Instagram Stories

2. Tap the stickers icon in the top-righthand corner

3. Tap the "music" sticker category

3. Search for a song, or browse through Instagram's "moods," "genres" and "popular" categories" for the tune you want

4. Use the slider to choose the part of the song you want to use on your Story

5. Tap the icon now appearing on your story to change how the song is displayed