This Instagrammer Accidentally Livestreamed Herself Having Sex To Her 3.9 Million Followers

9 October 2017, 09:54 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Instagrammer Followers

By Benedict Townsend

Live and kickin'

Social media star Kristen Hancher found herself at the centre of a very modern nightmare when she discovered that she had accidentally livestreamed herself having sex for three full minutes.

Kristen was sharing an intimate experience with her boyfriend Andrew Gregory, when she realised that she had accidentally gone live on Instagram.

Kristen Hancher


Thankfully the stream only captured audio (still not great), but due to her whopping 3.9 million followers, it was quickly seen (or rather, heard) but a lot of people - 14,000 to be precise. Before you ask, no we haven't got the audio here, you absolute pervert. I can't believe you think we would provide you with that you big sex maniac. How dare you. Go sit quietly and think about what you've done, good grief.

Kristen posted this in response to the incident:

She didn't seem fazed.

shit happens, you have to move on and keep smiling. Love you guys so much

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