International Women's Day Is Beautiful In The YouTube Community

8 March 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 8 March 2018, 15:43

iwd 2016

By Charleyy Hodson

Put your hands up for the girls!

Today is a really significant day for women all over the planet; it is of course International Women's Day. Celebrated on the 8th of March every single year, it's a day to celebrate the women you love and appreciate in your life, be it for economic, political or social reasons.

For some people it's a day to solve gender inequalities and promote the long fight women are still struggling with, but for some it's a way to look back on everything women have achieved collectively in order to have a huge group hug returning to normal. Either way, it's freaking beautiful and the YouTube community in particular know how to celebrate. To continue the celebration regardless of the passing of time, we've collated all of our favourite messages from International Women's Day 2016 to refer to throughout the year if we need a bit more motivation.


The most important video you'll watch all day

Hannah Witton is one of our favourite YouTubers. Not only is she passionate about sex, relationships and everything female-related, but she wants to promote not just International Women's Day but the women themselves. Her new video promotes "10 small female YouTubers" that she thinks you should know about. We've officially subscribed to every single beautiful female and we cannot wait to see what they do in the future.


These ladies are telling the straight up truth.

Sometimes International Women's Day isn't all songs and praise for each other. We may decide to talk about what truly makes women so unique (ala the Hazel Hayes tweet below), or we might use the platform to boost important political and economic fights to increase awareness and visibility whilst everyone is busy posting Game of Thrones quotes. Either way, #IWD2018 is one of the most charged and self-aware years we've ever experienced, but good lord is it amazing to be a woman in 2018.


Feel the positive glow with these powerful quotes.

For when you can't find the right words to sum up your appreciation for females, it helps that there are iconic quotes already out there. Be it from Beyonce to Amelia Earhart, spread some love today by posting incredible positive and empowering messages to your friends and fans - you don't know who needs a pick-me-up today.


The boys are showing their support today too

International Women's Day isn't isolated entire to one field of biology - in fact, it's incredible to see the amount of male creators joining in with the love fest and sharing their appreciation for women all over the planet. As mothers, sisters or friends, women affect every person on this planet and it's amazing to see love for them coming from every single angle today.


But importantly, today is about women all over the planet.

The most important speakers for the day are of course the women themselves - the people who have felt prejudice, who have experienced period pains, the girls who have dealt with the connotations of being a 21st Century women. These are women we need to listen to, and most importantly support fully as they discover their paths in lives. We're here for you YouTube ladies; keep on doing your thing and we'll support you until the end of time.