Hank Green Just Launched Something YouTubers Have Needed For YEARS

16 June 2016, 16:44 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Hank and a huge host of fellow YouTubers debut the Internet Creator's Guild - a membership organisation dedicated to helping internet creative types.

Do you earn a living from making stuff on the internet? Wish it was a little easier? Well, Vlogbrother, VidCon magnate and all-round "internetainerpreneur" Hank Green wants to talk to you about the Internet Creators Guild.

As you probably know, YouTubers have been earning money from their videos through advertising for at least the past eight years. And in that time, there have also arisen new, different online industries, hell-bent on earning some of that profit themselves.

For too long, young and relatively independent creators have had to deal with industry-esque pitfalls such as multi-channel networks that might offer them bad deals, brands that take advantage of their lack of business-savvy, and a whole bunch of other issues. But now, along with a beefy list of fellow YouTubers and creators, Hank is launching an initiative to help and protect the people that make all the awesome stuff that we love.

"There is no system for protecting creators, many of whom have no experience in any industry, let alone the notoriously cut-throat entertainment industry," Hank points out in his Medium article announcing the project. "I’m ten years into this and I kinda can’t believe that there’s still no centralized organization [sic] representing creators. So I’m creating one."

The Internet Creators Guild will be primarily run by VidCon alum Laura Chernikoff, who has been a part of the convention since its launch in 2010. For the majority of that time, Laura has worked directly with creators as the event's Guest Manager - and so has a lot of experience in the needs of YouTubers.

But Laura won't be doing it alone; in fact, she'll have some help from quite a few familiar faces. Both the Internet Creators Guild's board of directors and board of advisors are comprised of a diverse range of YouTubers, online creators and people from with the industry: including Louise Pentland, Olan Rogers, Casey Neistat and Anna Akana.

The ICG will start off with an annual membership fee of $60. With this, they pledge to help their members with a number of issues that currently plague the creative community and industry: from everything to the way they are covered in the press, to the way creators are treated at events, to ongoing issues surrounding diversity in the community.

If you're a creator who's interested in being a part pf the Guild, you can find out more in Hank's announcement Medium article, and by signing up at the ICG site.