Jack Black joined YouTube and his channel is already bigger than most YouTubers'

8 January 2019, 17:22

jack black youtube channel
Picture: YouTube: Jack Black
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Jack Black's channel has already blown most YouTubers out of the water

Jack Black has become the latest Hollywood star to try their hand at YouTube. Following in the footsteps of The Rock and Will Smith (whose presence on YouTube is somewhat contentious), the Tenacious D member clearly felt it was time to also get into the action.

Jack launched his channel with a video that showed the A-Lister in a massively expensive chair that can do this. That's right, ol' JB is pretty much the only person apart from Felix himself who can afford the now famous $399.99 PewDiePie chair.

Jack's channel is apparently the brainchild of his son, Sam, who also apparently edits his videos for him. On his Insta bio, Sam says "I’m know as Jack Black's son but please call me Sam". Bless.

Jack says his channel "will have games, food, and life." Covering most of the bases then, it seems.

Within a week, Jack was celebrating 1 million subscribers

Looks like he really schooled everyone on how to rock on YouTube ha ha! ... God I'm tired. Anyway yeah he managed to cross the one million mark - usually a massive milestone for regular YouTubers, by his second video.

Finally, Jack posted his first 'proper' video. A fun little vid where he wanders around a pinball machine museum for some reason. Listen, he's Jack Black, he can do whatever the hell he wants and I'll watch it.

And that's... it. No, seriously, the dude has posted three videos over less than three weeks and the dude already has over three million subscribers. That's a million subs a video, baby!

This means he already outranks many top YouTubers when it comes to subs

A quick sample of some of the popular YouTubers that Jack Black already has more subscribers than are:

- Elle Mills

- Thomas Sanders

- dodie

- Garrett Watts

- Oli White

- KickThePJ

Pretty nuts, right?!

What do you make of Jack's YouTube efforts so far? And how do you feel in general about celebrities making a home on YouTube? Let us know in our YouTube comments or tweet us @wetheunicorns.