JaackMaate Raises Thousands In Memory Of Police Officer Killed In London Attack

12 April 2017, 11:22 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Jack Dean was moved by the tragic murder of PC Keith Palmer in the Westminster Terror Attack and decided to start raising money for the police

YouTuber Jack Dean (also known by his username JaackMaate) has, along with his audience, raised overаг2,500 for a police charity. Jack says he was spurred to start fundraising after the murder of Policeman Keith Palmer, who's life was tragically taken in the Westminster terror attack that took place in March. Jack says that the death of PC Palmer caused him to consider his views on the police and re-evaluate his previous, youthful opinions on the their role in society.

PC Keith Palmer was killed Westminster terrorist attack on 22 March Hero PC Keith Palmer

Jack set up a JustGiving page in memory of Constable Palmer, with an eye to raising г2000 for theаPolice Dependants' Trust, an organisation which provides support for the families of police officers injured or killed in the line of duty. Jack's audience easily reached the target amount, which was then raised to г2,500. This target was then met and surpassed. You can donate to the page by clicking here.


On the fundraising Jack says of the effort:

"On the 22nd March 2017 a husband and father PC Keith Palmer lost his life whilst protecting the public outside Parliament, Westminster. Whilst hundreds of civilians ran away from the events that occurred on Wednesday afternoon, PC Palmer ran towards it, to serve and protect us.

As a 24 year-old man, I am sick and tired of hearing people my age put down the police force in a ridiculous attempt to seem 'cool'. As a teenager I would often use one of many slanderous nicknames when referring to police officers just because it was the 'done thing -' without really taking into consideration the amazing work that these men and women do, every day.а

I would love for my young audience (91% of whom are between the ages of 16--24) to come together and show the police and the general public that we don't all agree with the pathetic "police hate" comments often slurred online and in terrible rap songs.

The money raised here will help police officers who have been injured or traumatised whilst at work - and the families of police officers who, like Keith, didn't ever make it home from their shift.

So, to all police officers reading this, we appreciate you. You are truly heroes."

Once again, you can donate to the page by clicking here.