YouTuber Asks Fans For Passwords... So He Can HACK Them?!

13 July 2016, 09:45 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is a MASSIVE security issue.

Multiple times on this site, we've reported on YouTubers being the victims of hacking and malicious attacks. In 2016 alone, Markiplier and Lilly Singh have each had their channels defaced and personal information exposed, and more recently even LeafyIsHere saw his YouTube account stolen. However, what we never thought we would be reporting on, is the fact that YouTubers are now asking for passwords to hack into their vulnerable fans Twitter accounts... what the hell?!

Jack Johnson, one half of the YouTube banger duo Jack & Jack, posted on Twitter last night that we was "feelin a lil #HackedByJohnson comin on", which immediately was followed by a request for his fans to literally send him their Twitter passwords. Unfortunately, instead of telling Jack this was a stupid idea, his nearly 4 million strong Twitter army went crazy with people flooding his mentions with "HACK ME DADDY" and "CHECK UR DMS BB".


 [Source: Mic]

His original tweet has since been deleted, but a source at Tech.Mic was able to screenshot the proof before it was too late, which we've shared for you above. But what Jack couldn't delete were the various videos and selfies he left all over Twitter once he had then logged into his fans account and left behind little messages. Jack would make references to username, leave videos of him somersaulting and even thanked them personally for their continued support, which sounds lovely until you remember that he's doing it from INSIDE THEIR PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

Even though the location for fan passwords were his own private DM's, this whole situation is extremely problematic as fans could get the idea that giving away their personal details with an incentive is terrifying. Furthermore, if Jack himself is hacked, it's possible that thousands of young fans and their passwords are at risk of being invaded by someone other than their fave.

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