Jack Jones Caught In Leaked Video Footage Calling A Man A "F*ggot"

25 July 2017, 12:51 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Jake Jones headshot

By Josh Lee

YouTuber Jack Jones has been criticised after a video of him allegedly using homophobic and xenophobic language against another person emerged online.

A video showing YouTube prankster Jack Jones, a.k.a JackJonesTV, using xenophobic and homophobic language has emerged online.

Video footage emerged of Jack Jones using offensive language yesterday afternoon.

In a Snapchat recording that was shared to Twitter yesterday afternoon, Jones tells an unseen man to "go back to your own country and shut the fuck up," before calling him a "f*ggot". He also threatens to "knock the fuck" out of the man, and shouts "you have no money" at him.

See the video below.

[video width="480" height="480" mp4="https://www.wetheunicorns.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/JackJones.mp4"][/video]

Jack Jones is best known for pranking unsuspecting members of the public for his YouTube channel, JackJonesTV. These pranks have often gone awry, with one 2015 practical joke resulting in the YouTuber having a gun pulled out on him. Most recently, Jones was criticised after posting what many deemed a tasteless selfie in the aftermath of the terror attack on parliament in London on March 22nd this year.

See the failed prank below:

Speaking to We The Unicorns, Jack Jones claimed he was retaliating to xenophobic abuse towards him.

He told us, "I was out with my friends walking down the street when a group of Russian men barged me and my friends and said, 'what you going to do about it, you English scum?'. They started being racist to my friend, so I got involved stupidly."

Claiming that his choice of words was a result of provocation he said: "I was really upset the way they treated us, resulting in me lashing out with very poor of choice of words."

"I don't condone racism  in any form And those that know me know that I'm not homophobic in anyway. I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone." [sic]