Jack Maynard Got A McJob And Should Probably Stick To YouTubing

25 August 2016, 11:58 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

"Hi, I'm Jack Maynard, welcome to McDonalds, what's your favourite colour?"

We already know what some of our YouTube faves got up to before they became Internet stars, but Jack Maynard has decided to do things a little differently. Whilst most people would have worked in McDonalds before they caught their big break online, Jack happily quit his YouTuber life for one day to learn how to make burgers, serve customers and eat fries.

In a video that he uploaded yesterday (Wednesday 24th August), the YouTuber admitted that he's never really had a proper job and that McDonalds would be the perfect place for anyone to get their "first taste of work". So, Jack sported the iconic uniform for a shift at the fast-food restaurant and began his first day by modelling his new look and giving his team a pep talk in the kitchen.

The YouTuber was shown the ropes by actual McDonalds employees, Katie and Sam, who have both worked there for over two years. Of course, you're still expected to be learning on your first day on the job, but Jack made the mistake of challenging the experienced Katie to a cheeseburger race. He obviously didn't win on either time or presentation, and we really hope he didn't serve his creation to anyone...

Jack managed to get a taste of everything (literally) on his first day; from working on the drive-thru, to using the till and "giving great customer service". He was even feeling generous and gave away free food which he admitted he "wasn't meant to do." We also don't think he was supposed to eat all of the fries, drink a customer's milkshake and answer the drive thru with ""Hi, I'm Jack Maynard, welcome to McDonalds, what's your favourite colour?". Maybe stick to YouTube, huh?!


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