Jake Paul’s Neighbours Called The Police AGAIN This Weekend But It’s Not What You Think

24 July 2017, 16:27 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Jack Tenney

By Josh Lee

Those poor people.

Jake Paul's neighbours can't seem to catch a break when it comes to YouTubers. Just days after they went to the media with complaints that Jake had turned the neighbourhood into a "war-zone," residents on Jake's street were forced to call the police after another YouTuber decided to pitch a hammock outside Jake's home.

Jackson Tenney Photo Credit: MEGA

Police officers arrived at the West Hollywood neighbourhood; after fellow YouTuber Jack Tenney decided to set up a hammock at around 2:30am on Sunday morning, local time.

Jack, whose Youtube channel JOOGSQUAD has over 2,797,000 subscribers, began backflipping when the police arrived. After being asked to leave, he knelt in front of a police car, seemingly mocking the authorities.


According to reports, Jack was warned that he'd be arrested for trespassing if he was found causing problems in the neighbourhood again.

Was Jake Paul in on Jack Tenney's gag?

It's currently unclear whether Jake knew Jack was on his property when police were called - although Jack thanked Jake for letting him stay at the house on Twitter shortly after the events unfolded.

On Sunday, Jack shared a video to his channel revealing he had pranked Jake by posting a fake eviction notice on his house. Jake is yet to respond to the pranking publicly.

Watch the pranking video below:

The incident comes just days after Jake Paul's neighbours told the media that they were considering legal action as a potential response to the antics of Jake and the rest of the Team 10 household. While  Jack's pranks haven't been officially linked to Jake or the rest of the Team 10 gang, it's yet another precariously placed ten-gallon hat on the proverbial Buckaroo.

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