Jaclyn Hill responds to "hairy lipstick" controversy in new video

13 June 2019, 12:23 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 12:44

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill. Picture: Jaclyn Hill YouTube / @rawbeautykristi Twitter

By Staff

She called the complaints about her lipstick range "very embarrassing".

Earlier this week, Jaclyn Hill came under fire when some fans claimed they were receiving lipsticks from her new cosmetics range that had “bumps and hairs” in them. Fans began posting to social media about Jaclyn’s new cosmetic range, claiming that the lipsticks contained holes, particulars or small fibres that looked like hairs while others questioned whether the lipsticks were still in date or not.

Now Jaclyn has shared a 14-minute video called ‘My Lipsticks’ addressing the backlash.

"The first thing I want to address before anything else is the accusations that my lipsticks are expired, mouldy or hazardous in any way, shape or form," she explains. "My lipsticks are not mouldy, they are not contaminated, they are not unsafe for you in any way shape or form. Every single ingredient in my lipsticks is new and FDA approved."

She goes on to explain the more specific concerns with the lipsticks, including the fibres and marks on them.

“What these black dots are, are actually oxygen bubbles and they are lifting to the surface when my lipstick bullet is being cooled off from a hot temp," she explained. "Sometimes they don't make it all the way through -- it is oxygen and 100% safe."

"My lab used white cotton gloves...they were cleaning vats with a towel," she added. "Those two things combined with the white fuzzies coming off of their gloves -- it is so unacceptable."

”Urging fans to get in touch with any issues, she also added: "This is my first launch, and it's very embarrassing. Contact help@jaclyncosmetics.com... show them proof, we will take care of everything for you and make it right."

Jaclyn previously announced her make-up range Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics in a 35 minute video back in May after apparently having worked on the range for several years.