Jacob Sartorius' New Song Features A Surprisingly Decent Collab

27 June 2017, 16:19 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Is Jacob coming for Justin Bieber's crown?

YouTube star and tiny child Jacob Sartorius has released a collaboration with legitimate R'n'B singer Blackbear. Most unlikely pairing of the year? Probably, yes.

Who is Blackbear?

26-year-old Blackbear, a.k.a Matthew Musto, is an American singer/songwriter/producer with some pretty big songs under his belt, including co-writing credits on Justin Bieber's "Girlfriend". This is him, in case you were wondering


So what's he doing with Jacob Sartorius?

According to PopBuzz, Blackbear has been struggling to hit mainstream success in his own right, despite credits on some big-name hits. And presumably Jacob needs someone to sneak him into the cinema after 9pm. So it's a mutually beneficial situation.

For real though, Jacob and Blackbear each have something that the other wants - Jacob could do with a bit of Blackbear's credibility, while Blackbear could benefit from Jacob's huge (albeit inexplicable) appeal. So it's symbiotic. Like a clownfish and an anemone.


The song, called "Hit Me Back," deals with the age-old issue of the girl you fancy not fancying you back. “What’s up with that? Hit you all day but you never hit me back,” Jacob croons in the chorus. “What’s up with that? Facetimed you, called - you never hit me back.” We've all been there.

“Blackbear was an amazing producer to work with and I feel like we’ve been able to take my sound to the next level on ‘Hit Me Back’,” Jacob told entertainment website Just Jared  Jr.

He also hinted that there may be more music on the way: “I’ve been working so hard in the studio lately and I’m just so pumped that I’m finally able to share something with my fans!”

Check out the lyric video for Jacob Sartorius' "Hit Me Back" below, and let us know what you think!

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