Jacob Sartorius Has Allegedly Been Asking Fans For NUDES

3 June 2016, 10:17 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If this is true, it's seriously messed up.

Rumours have started bubbling up in the Twittersphere that Musical.ly performer and YouTuber Jacob Sartorius has been begging one of his young viewers to send him naked pictures. Before we continue with the news story, we'd like to point out that not only is Jacob 13-years-old himself, but any images sent between the two parties would be classified as child pornography - that's how serious this situation could be if proved real.

Back in January 2016, Twitter user @luhsrupp posted a collection of images to her account "proving" that a Jacob Sartorius account on Facebook had been pressuring her to send naked pictures, or even just images of her in a "bra and undies". Reading through the messages, it's clear that the fan was very uncomfortable by his requests and that she was feeling "stressed out" by his constant begging for images of the fan.

Since @luhsrupp's posts have gained in popularity, she's received a huge amount of backlash and hatred from hardcore Jacob Sartorius fans claiming that the Facebook account was a fake and that she had photoshopped the images. In response, she uploaded a video (posted below) proving that the conversation not only happened, but directly linked back to a popular Jacob Facebook group - however we did some digging, and no verified Jacob Facebook page seems to have existed before March 2016.

Whilst it's still not clear whether the REAL Jacob was begging a young fan for naked pictures, the point still remains that the fan in question was distinctly underage at the time of the requests. The possession or sharing of indecent images of minors, in addition to the encouragement and creation of such images, is illegal whether Jacob was behind the account or not. Regardless of who was pressuring @luhsrupp to send images of herself, they were attempting to break the law.

We encourage our readers to never respond to any profiles belonging to YouTubers, Viners and more which you BELIEVE belong to your faves, as it's simply not the case. We've recently reported on an individual who just went to jail for pretending to be Zoella and grooming children for indecent sexual material. Please keep in mind your own security, never send inappropriate images to anybody and most importantly, just say no.

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