Why Was Jacob Sartorius Pinned Down By Armed Police Inside His Own Home?

11 August 2017, 13:44 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jacob Sartorius

By Josh Lee

That's what you get for staying up past bed time.

According to recent tweets from the singer, Jacob Sartorius has alleged that he was recently "pinned down to the ground" by armed police inside his own home; after a case of apparent mistaken identity.

Jacob Sartorius Handcuffed

Jacob Sartorius was reportedly handcuffed "by 15 police with guns".

On August 8th, 14-year-old Jacob tweeted that he "got woken up being handcuffed by 15 police with guns"; before sharing a video which showed helicopters flying over his home.

"Minutes after this video our back door got kicked down & I was pinned to the ground," he told his 1.35 million Twitter followers.

So why was Jacob Sartorius handcuffed?

It turned out that Jacob's neighbours thought there was a burglar in Jacob's house and called the authorities - leading to Jacob being handcuffed. In a tweet, Jacob described the incident as a "huge misunderstanding," and reassured fans that "everybody's okay".

The authorities have not commented on the incident.

Some fans have questions whether the incident is quite as it seems.

One wrote: "So they need 15 police to knock down someone's door and arrest a 14 year old kid over a 'robbery' yeah I'm Not buying that sorry Jacob."


Jacob Sartorius' handcuffing ordeal is one of a string of unfortunate incidents to hit the singer in recent months.

In June 2016, a fan hit Jacob during a meet and greet, while in June 2017 fans were left panicked after Twitter trolls used Jacob's image to pretend he had been caught up in the London Bridge terrorist attacks.

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