Jacob Sartorius Copied a Tweet And Twitter Tried Their Best To Drag Him

8 September 2016, 10:11 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

...We can't believe that this is a thing.

Jacob Sartorius has received a lot of heat in the past; for being both a famous 13-year-old and someone who once "plagiarised" a picture. After body shaming a fan and having one of the deadliest Twitter wars centre around his brand (#JacobBeOriginalParty), who would have thought that a young child propelled into stardom would mess up again, with something so controversial as a copied tweet.

Now you're sat on the edge of your seat, I'll break the news to you lightly; Jacob Sartorius has been accused of copying a generic tweet about mobile phone addiction from constantly topless vlogger, Nate Garner. Once the crime had been spotted by Nate, he even went so far as to pin the offending tweet to his profile to make sure that the Police could clearly see the evidence. We'll dissect the events below...

Here is Nate's "original" tweet from August 31st:

And now here's Jacob's "copied" tweet posted only three days later on the 3rd of September:

As a grown, rational adult, here's how Nate Garner responded once the crime had been committed:


So yes, literally all of this has actually happened on social media over the past week. It affected nobody in the entire world, but both the fanbases of Jacob and Nate decided to go to war to determine which of their faves is less of an idiot for being a part of all this. We're just gonna post some of our favourite drags below, and meet you down the bottom of this article when all of this is over.

And that's it. We can now all continue on with our lives knowing that on the 3rd of September, Jacob Sartorius may or may not have copied a tweet. I hope you've learnt something... I have.