Alissa Violet Has Accused Jake Paul Of Physically Abusing Her

21 August 2017, 15:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Alissa Violet & Jake Paul

By Josh Lee

The claims emerged after Jake accused Alissa's boyfriend of assaulting his assistant.

Alissa Violet has accused former boyfriend Jake Paul of being physically and emotionally abusive during their relationship.

The accusations were made after Jake Paul accused Alissa Violet's current boyfriend of assaulting his assistant.

On 18th August, Jake shared a video in which he accused Alissa's current boyfriend - fellow YouTuber FaZe Banks - of intentionally assaulting his assistant. Banks strongly refuted claims that he had purposefully injured the assistant in a video response. It was in this video that Alissa made the accusations against Jake.

“You guys know that I used to live with him for two years,” Alissa explains in the video. “I’ve known him for like three or four years."

"You know we’ve been through a lot of shit. And honestly, he did assault me a few times.”

Alissa alleges in the video that Jake spat at her on multiple occasions; and also accuses him of doing the same thing to his current girlfriend Erika Costell. As well as spitting, Alissa said Jake threw her phone at the wall, and "dragged" her down a flight of stairs. She also revealed a scar on her knee which she claimed was caused by Jake.

Erika Costell took to Twitter to deny that Jake had assaulted her.

"Jake has never harmed me in anyway [sic] shape or form," she wrote in a statement "But let's not take away from the important of what's going on. Aggression toward anyone under any circumstance (including myself) is unacceptable. We should focus on the issue at hand, not the drama surrounding it."

Jake has not commented on the allegations.

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