There’s One Big Thing You Missed In This Video Of Jake Paul Getting Arrested

21 July 2017, 10:29 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Jake Paul Police

By Josh Lee

Did you fall for it?

A video that appears to show Jake Paul being arrested, following a disagreement with his neighbours over noise, is not genuine.


Earlier this week, Team 10 leader Jake Paul hit headlines; after neighbours accused him of turning their neighbourhood into a war-zone, with incessant pranking and partying. Team 10 have become infamous in their local community after a string of incidents; including setting a chair on fire in their swimming pool.

“There are families here; and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful neighbours, but they’re not,” one neighbour told news network KTLA5.

Another said, “As neighbours living with this every day, we’re fed up.”

Shortly afterwards, stories began to emerge that Jake had been arrested and evicted from the Team 10 house.

A video of his arrest quickly circulated YouTube news channels, and various news sites.

Jake Paul arrest fake news The Jake Paul arrest "story" has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on various YouTube news channels.

News of Jake Paul's "Arrest" quickly spread through Twitter too.

However, the Jake Paul arrest video isn't an arrest video at all.

The clip was actually taken from a prank video that ex-Viner Curtis Lepore shared in May this year. In the video, a "police officer" tells Jake that the authorities had received "a lot of complaints from the neighbours," before handcuffing the YouTuber. But instead of a police station, Jake is taken to a storage room; and forced to admit that "Curtis Lepore is the best vlogger of all time" (we know, it's all a bit juvenile).

There is a huge clue in the video that Jake Paul's arrest wasn't genuine.

The police officer in the video is shown wearing a tactical vest with the word "police" emblazoned on it. However the police department that serves Jake's West Hollywood neighbourhood - the Los Angeles Police Department - wear vests with the acronym "LAPD" on, like so:


Jake Paul's arrest was a fake this time around; but with neighbours considering legal action against the YouTuber for the problems they claim he's cause for the street, Jake might find himself in legal hot water for real very soon.


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