Jake Paul Given Vlogging Ban And Threatened With 6 Months Prison Time

24 August 2017, 10:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jake Paul Prison

By Josh Lee

Life comes at you fast.

Jake Paul has been slapped with strict vlogging restrictions by the city of LA after receiving multiple fines for fire safety violations.


In a video shared by Jake Paul on 23rd August, Team 1o member Nick Compton reveals that Jake Paul and the rest of the Team 10 gang can no longer film inside their LA home: "We can't film anymore," he explains. "This is legit serious. Today is the last day we can film in this house."

According to Nick, the Team 10 gang could face "up to six months in prison," if they violate the terms of the restrictions placed on their filming, which include requiring special permits to vlog.

Skip to 10:19 in the video below to see Nick break the news:

So why was Jake Paul banned from vlogging in his house?

According to documents seen by YouTube news channel Keemstar, Jake Paul and the rest of the team 10 house have received numerous fines from the City of LA fire department, after evidence of "fire/life safety violations" were taking from YouTube. The document states that nobody in the team house can deliberately or negligently set fire to combustable materials in a way that could harm others around them, following previous fire incidents including the burning of a mattress and setting fire to a countertop.

Jake Paul banned from vlogging

Jake Paul responded to the news by saying "I'm just trying to be a kid," and "I even have a cute puppy so how is that even possible."

With Jake Paul banned from vlogging in the Team 10 house, what will the Team 10 do next?

Nick told the team that they'd have to film elsewhere. Jake's most recent vlog was shot in a hotel in Miami, suggesting that Team 10 really are taking this notice seriously.

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