This One Tweet Might Prove Jake Paul Lied About FaZe Banks Assaulting His Assistant

21 September 2017, 11:38 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

This One Tweet Might Prove Jake Paul Lied About Fa

By Josh Lee

The tangle of lies continues.

FaZe Banks just shared some information about the allegations that he assaulted Jake Paul's assistant that suggests Jake Paul knowingly lied about details surrounding the incident.

Back in August, Jake Paul shared a video accusing YouTuber FaZe Banks of assaulting his assistant, Meg Zelly. As soon as the allegations came to light, inconsistencies in Jake and the rest of Team 10's stories began to appear, including Nick Compton's message Banks, which said that Jake’s assistant “doesn’t think you did it on purpose” - despite Jake and his assistant accusing him of purposefully assaulting him in the video Jake shared.

Now, FaZe Banks has poked yet another hole in Jake Paul's story.

"I was never contacted by the police about the Jake Paul situation," Banks wrote in a tweet yesterday. If true, this would suggest that a police report was never filed, despite Jake saying in the video below that one had been.

Take into account that the club where the alleged assault happened were also never contacted by the police, and the idea that a report was never made seems credible. But would Jake Paul really lie about a police report for the drama? Let's face it, probably.

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