Jake Paul Just Accused A YouTuber Of Assaulting His Assistant And Things Are Kicking Off

21 August 2017, 13:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jake Paul Assistant

By Josh Lee

On Saturday 19th August, Jake Paul hit 10 million subscribers, reaching the milestone faster than any other YouTuber has before. But the celebrations didn't last long; as a string of controversies saw his subscriber count dip back below to 10 million mark.

It all began when Jake Paul accused YouTuber FaZe Banks of assault.

On Friday, Jake shared a video accusing FaZe of purposefully attacking his assistant in a club. He also accused FaZe of cheating on his girlfriend - Jake's former beau Alissa Violet.

However, Banks strenuously denied accusations that he had purposefully assaulted Jake's assistant.

Describing Jake's video as "defamation of character," FaZe said "99% of what this kid said in this video is fabricated."

He pointed out an inconsistency in Jake's account of what happened, pointing out that Team 10 member Nick Compton messaged him to say Jake's assistant "doesn't think you did it on purpose"; despite Jake and his assistant accusing him of purposefully assaulting him in the video Jake shared.

Here's the alleged message from Nick:


Watch FaZe's video below:

Jake's former girlfriend Alissa Violet also weighed in on the controversy.

Alissa, who is currently in a relationship with Banks, wrote "Oh you want to talk about assault, Jake? Sit your ass down. Do you guys know why I have a bunch of scars and permaninant [sic] bruises on my body?"

She also claimed that it was "super easy" to make a fake bruise out of makeup - possibly referencing the bruise that Jake's assistant appeared to have as a result of the alleged assault.

Shortly after Banks began to refute Jake's story, Jake began to lose subscribers, and fell back below the 10 million mark.

On Twitter, fans accused Jake of lying about the alleged assault and faking the bruise on his assistant's neck.

Both Banks and Jake have said they will stop commenting on the case on social media.

However, Banks shared an update to Twitter today, saying "The good news keeps coming. Security footage (so far) supports my side. No indication of any assault or misconduct. More updates soon."

Jake has not tweeted directly about the incident, however yesterday he posted a video from a recent concert in which he says, "In the face of adversity, I rise like a titan. Don’t stop me. You can’t stop me.”

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