Jake Paul Finally Admitted What Really Went Down Between Him And Disney

25 August 2017, 10:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jake Paul Disney

By Josh Lee

The tea has been served.

Jake Paul has finally come clean about the truth behind his Disney departure in a new interview.

On 22nd July, news broke that Jake Paul would be leaving "Bizaardvark" after 18 months on the popular Disney Channel show. Both Disney and Jake claimed in separate statements that his departure had been "mutually agreed" by both parties. However, Jake has now revealed that this was not entirely the case.

Was Jake Paul fired from Bizaardvark?

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, the 20-year-old YouTuber admitted that he was fired from the show after news of his antics made headlines. "They basically called me and were like 'Yo, what's going on, what's going on?'" Jake says in the interview.

"And I just explained the situation, and they were like 'OK. We want to expedite this process of weaning you off the show.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's fine. But it's going to look like you guys find me.' And they were like, 'We can say that we mutually parted ways and blah, blah, blah'. And that's the reality of the story."

Was Jake Paul fired from Bizaardvark? Apparently so.

Jake Paul fired from Bizaardvark Jake Paul played Dirk on Bizaardvark

While bad publicity surrounding Jake's relationship with his neighbours sped up the dismissal process, tensions between the social media star and Disney were apparently building long before, with Jake receiving angry emails from Disney after beginning to make "edgier" content. "I don't know if they were having someone scan my video's full-time, but I'm guessing they were," Jake says in the interview.

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