Jake Paul's Pranks Left An Elderly Woman "Nearly Dying" From Smoke Inhalation

14 August 2017, 17:35 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jake Paul Worried

By Josh Lee

This is not okay.

One of Jake Paul's neighbours has revealed even more details about his experience of sharing a community with the prankster; and has accused the Team 10 gang of leaving an elderly neighbour severely affected from "smoke inhalation".

In an interview with YouTube news channel DramaAlert, one of Jake's neighbours - who remained unnamed - revealed that "not much has really changed" since the neighbourhood revealed to media that Jake and the Team 10 gang had turned their community into a "War Zone" with their constant pranking.

Jake Paul and the Team 10 gang Jake Paul and the Team 10 gang

"We thought the newscast would have him and the crew settle down for a bit," the neighbour explained. "Some of the stunts have dwindled... but there's been more chaos on our street in the last 10 days than prior to the newscast and him getting fired from Disney."

The neighbour revealed that Jake's next-door neighbour had been severely affected by their pranks.

"The neighbour next door, the one who has probably been through the most and suffered the most," he explained, "nearly died from smoke inhalation from the fire [Team 10 have repeatedly set things on fire in their back garden]."

"For some strange reason they get their kicks off doing shit to an old lady," the neighbour added.

It wasn't just the Jake Paul and the Team 10 gang who were causing issues.

The neighbour also had some choice words for parents who took their children to see Jake Paul's house. Describing them as "deplorable people," the neighbour explained how one parent allegedly assaulted a fellow resident during an altercation on the street.

"One of the neighbours had their sprinklers on and was watering his hedge," he explains in the interview. "[A parent] got upset that some water got on his car, and [the neighbour] basically said 'well you're not supposed to be parked here anyway'."

At that point, the parent allegedly "charged" at the neighbour and "put his hands on his throat."

When asked what steps have been taken against Jake and the Team 10 gang, the neighbour said:

"I can't elaborate on what the city is doing. All I know is there's an open investigation that they have assured us is coming, but they can't talk about it because it'll interfere with the investigation. That process is going to take a little while."

"What we're doing as a group [of neighbours]", he added, "we're stepping forward and we'll be doing a civil suit in the meantime."

Watch the full interview below: