Why Do People Hate Jake Paul?

26 September 2018, 09:21

Jake Paul

By Josh Lee

Jake Paul, brother of Logan, is YouTube's most infamous prankster. Here's everything you need to know about why everyone hates him.

Yesterday it was announced that YouTuber Jake Paul will be the next vlogger to be the subject of a Shane Dawson documentary series.

Jake had previously expressed a willingness to feature in a documentary made by Shane, who has so far released two documentary series, one on TanaCon, the disastrous VidCon style event organised by Tana Mongeau, and then beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star. Those videos have been viewed millions of times already and the Jake Paul series is set to be as big and probably even more controversial. 

Jake Paul, once called 'the world's worst neighbour' is a divisive figure on the internet. Millions love and adored him, while many others despise him. So, why do so many people dislike Jake Paul? Is Jake actually problematic? Let's take a walk you through the main talking points and scandals.

Jake Paul


So who is Jake Paul?

Jake was born in Ohio on January 17, 1997. He is the younger brother of Logan Paul. His social media career started out on the now defunct app Vine. By the time Vine shut down, Jake had 5.3 million followers and 2 billion views. He now has 16 million subs on YouTube. 

Off the back of the success of his Vine and YouTube channel, Jake landed an acting job on Disney Channel comedy series "Bizaardvaark", a show that's essentially about YouTubers; but they called their platform Vuuugle. Because copyright is no joke, y'all. Jake's character Dirk ran a fictional Vuuugle channel called "Dare Me Bro," to which he uploaded videos of him completing various dares. So not a huge stretch, character-wise. In wasn't long into his run at Disney that Jake ran into trouble.

Why did Jake Paul leave Disney?

On 22nd July, Disney announced that Jake would be leaving Bizaardvark. The official line from Jake is that he left to focus on his personal brand - however the news came immediately after a spate of bad press, leading many to believe his IRL antics were the real reason behind his departure.

The antics in question? Oh, where to start. From attempting to crash overnight at the literal White House to setting a sofa on fire in his back garden, Jake manages to get on the nerves of most adults he comes across; so much so that his neighbours went to the press to reveal that they were considering legal action against Jake for being such a terrible neighbour. But to his fans, it's all mostly for the lols. 

Jake Paul flaming mattress screaming

Jake Paul

Team 10 and all the controversies

Team 10 is the name that Jake Paul gives his squad of friend/fellow influencers and where a lot of the controversy surrounding Jake stems from. They all live together in the same house in West Hollywood, and essentially turn every waking second of their lives into content. To best understand their power and popularity, when Erika (now Jake's girlfriend) joined the group she gained 2.5 million subscribers within 4 days. 

Officially set up in 2017, they received a lot of negative publicity that summer, most notably around the aforementioned burning of the furniture incident that lead to his neighbours threatening a lawsuit. Things only got worse after that. 

Here are just a few of the allegations and controversies that have surfaced about Jake Paul since 2017.

-Falsely accused YouTuber FaZe Banks of assaulting his assistant, Meg Zelly

-Forced to apologise to the Martinez twins after that accused him of harassment and racism. They alleged that they were "scared to sleep" in the house that Team 10 shared, and said that Jake would taunt them until they performed stunts and acts that they weren't comfortable with.

-TMZ posted a video in which Jake is heard using the N word in a freestyle rap. He also apologised for old tweets that also featured the N word.

-The rules for living in the Team 10 house were also heavily criticised, which included a 20% cut for Jake Paul on the other YouTuber's profits and a $500 fine for smoking or drinking in the house

-Multiple people left Team 10 in 2018, including Nick Crompton, Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks, sparking rumours that Team 10 was in meltdown.

-Tells a Kazakhstani fan that his accent sounds like, "You're just going to blow someone up. You're like 'Send the nuke!"'

Interestingly, Shane Dawson once called Jake Paul out for apparently ripping off a video format that he had originally developed without giving any credit. It will be interesting to see if Shane brings this up in his documentary.

We also need to talk about Jake Paul's terrible music

For reasons we still can't comprehend, someone allowed Jake Paul to have a music career. Even more confusing than that, some people actually liked it. 

His song 'It's Everyday Bro', a 'diss' track which takes aim at his ex and, bizarrely, his own brother, made it into the Billboard Hot 100. Billboard magazine even placed Jake on their '21 under 21' list in 2017. Oh, and he collaborated with Gucci Mane. You can listen to those monstrosities below:


Jake eventually made up with his brother and they did a song together called 'I Love You Bro'. Check it out, if you dare.