James Charles Got Dragged By A "Stranger Things" Kid And It Was Delicious

11 September 2017, 15:36 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

James Charles Got Dragged By A "Stranger Things" K

By Liam Dryden

Not even YouTube stars can get away with using their phone in the cinema.

If you know a YouTuber in real life, you'll know it's pretty hard to get them off their phone. But most will still agree that the cinema is off-limits; except, apparently, James Charles. James got called out for live-tweeting a screening of the movie "It" - by none other than its star, "Stranger Things" alum Finn Wolfhard.

finn wolfhard

James Charles began live-tweeting a screening of "It" - while watching in a theatre.

"Ok 5 mins in and IT is already awful stay tuned for updates," posted James in a (since-deleted) tweet. But before updates had a chance to arrive, one of the movie's stars chimed in.

DRAGGED. And of course, fans were living for it.


James deleted his original Tweet pretty quickly, but still had time to acknowledge the call-out; and to admit that in the end, he actually enjoyed the movie.


Of course, a day and plenty of dragging later, the only true response left is to deflect...


But at least the rest of the world minus James can agree on one thing:


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