James Charles Was Just “Exposed” For Faking His Viral Yearbook Photos

6 March 2017, 12:53 | Updated: 19 February 2018, 17:03

James Charles school photo

By Charleyy Hodson

The beauty community went wild this weekend.

James Charles has been in the news a lot recently, for both good and bad things. After being announced as the first Coverboy to represent the makeup super-brand Covergirl, James later went on to tweet some controversial remarks about Africa and Ebola. However, after unfollowing a former friend, it looks like even James' rise to the top is now in question after evidence has came out that his viral yearbook photos were faked.

By this point, we're pretty sure everyone knows what "yearbook" tweet we're on about, but we'll take a second to explain it for those people behind on the trend. Last year, James was skyrocketed to fame after his "extra" yearbook photos took Twitter by storm. He shared two images of himself posing for senior photos after he took his ring light into the studio so his "highlight would be poppin".

However, according to receipts from Thomas Halbert seen below, James' highlight was less "poppin" and more Photoshopped.

james charles

Thomas, who was friends with James long before his rise to YouTube beauty fame, admits to being "drunk af" when he shared a string of screenshots to prove his come up was faked. He makes it clear that James "emailed the yearbook company askin' if [he] could edit [his] photos" and that he "scammed social media into thinking [he] retook [his] yearbook photos".

These tweets have now been deleted, but Twitter users have gathered them together and studied them religiously as groups of people seem hell-bent on bringing the YouTuber down after his comments about Africa. As you can see from the DM's between the two friends, James actually admits to the lie and states that "if you expose me, i'll kill you".

The side-by-side pictures of before and after James' yearbook photos were Photoshopped are particularly damning.

Currently on this Twitter, James Charles only has one response to the backlash: "Trust no one". However, whilst the truth is now out that James did not take his ring light to his yearbook photoshoot and actually edited his images before sharing them online, Thomas seems deeply remorseful for his actions. Here's just a segment of his multi-tweet apology:

"I just wanna say I am disappointed in myself for being so nasty and negative... Those screenshots and everything was out of context... I don't agree with some of the things he's done in the past. I'm not kissing ass or anything. Yes he retouched his pics but did retake them... My actions were nasty and I did them out of adrenaline and anger. I was petty for no reason... I should've talked to him privately. I want to reiterate that I know I was wrong."

If you want a better timeline of events, John Kuckian breaks down everything about the recent James Charles scandal in the video below:

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on James' lie, and whether it was right for a friend to expose him so publicly.