Viewers Left Scared For Jamie And Nikki After They Reveal Mystery Illness

20 September 2018, 13:12

jamie nikki house illness sick youtube break
Picture: Nikki and Jamie
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"I'll keep your family in my prayers"

Here's a strange story for you. Vloggers Jamie And Nikki have told their viewers that they're going to take a little break from YouTube - because they keep getting sick and they don't know why.

Apparently the whole family keep repeatedly, and quite suddenly, falling really ill - with Jamie saying that "the last eight weeks now we've just been struggling with sickness". Jamie recounts how he has had a migraine that has lasted way longer than he is used to and how members of the family will be fine one moment and then physically sick the next.

They claim that they have tried every option to get back to health. They've been drinking lots of water, eating healthy and trying different medicines - "we've been taking everything", Jamie says.

But nothing seems to be helping stop the mystery illness.

Viewers had many theories about the mystery illness

The family recently moved into a brand new house, and viewers think this new environment might be the cause of all their woes.

One commenter had a theory that it might be paints, mould or even a gas leak:

"Paints!! Toxicity or mold. When my daughter and I moved into our new place 3 years ago we were going back and forth to doc eventually after lots of allergy testing and treatment of nasal polyps we found she's actually allergic to paint. Get the gas tested pronto. 🙏 especially important!"

A lot of commenters also pointed to carbon monoxide poisoning as a possible cause of the issue:

"Do you guys have a carbon monoxide detector? If not I highly recommend it ASAP! Especially if you have pains around your head and nausea."

"Get your environment checked, carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos etc...I'm praying for you all."

Either way, we hope they find a solution to the issue and get well soon.