Joey Graceffa Finally Confirms That Janiel Is Real

15 February 2016, 10:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

The OTP to end them all.

After nearly two years of speculation and fans declaring Joey and Daniel as the most perfect ship in the world, we finally have confirmation from the golden couple themselves that Janiel does indeed exist - and they're madly in love.

Janiel have officially been loved up for over a year and a half, after Joey admitted to stalking Daniel all over Instagram and Twitter. Up until this video though, their relationship has been a locked up secret. This could be because, according to Joey, he has "dated in the past" but has "never officially had a boyfriend... until this dork".

The bombshell was dropped on Valentine's Day via vlog and it reveals the journey of Janiel, all the way back to the first image of Daniel that Joey saw on Instagram, which he admits made him "thirsty as f***"! After mutual follows on Twitter and Daniel figuring out that Joey wasn't just a spam verified account that had bought his followers, the pair finally exchanged numbers.

Their first date was at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood where Daniel admits that Joey was "the most handsome boy [he] had ever seen". Whilst the pair immediately made a love connection, they've had to hide their relationship for nearly two years and avoid drama such as accidental outings from friends and Daniel having to hide every time Joey started vlogging.

Janiel Origin

In 2016, we now have another YouTube power couple to add to our growing and beautiful list. After giving us all the feels on Valentine's Day, we wish Joey and Daniel all the luck for the future, as long as they never stop posting pictures of Wolf!