Vidcon's Headline Act Made No Goddamn Sense

22 June 2017, 10:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Y tho?

The first day of VidCon kicked off in spectacular style yesterday with a whole host of iconic YouTubers including Tyler Oakley, Rosanna Pansino, Collins Key, Joey GraceffaThe Slow Mo Guys and Todrick Hall, who all performed for YouTube Onstage. Oh and *autotune singing voice* Jason Derulo was there too. Because of course he was.

YouTube Onstage is supposed to be a space to celebrate and watch your favourite YouTube creators do their thing. So people were miiiiighty confused by the Ridin' Solo singer's appearance.

It poses an interesting question though. Does Jason Derulo at VidCon mean an actual YouTuber singer missed out on a performance slot?

Hosted by Tyler Oakley, YouTube Onstage was the first time YouTube and VidCon have officially collaborated to kick-off the three-day long event, which is the world's biggest convention that's dedicated to online video. The concert was described by YouTube as an “electric celebration of the cultural trends and notable artists from the history of YouTube.” None of that makes Jason Derulo spring to mind, does it?

There are literally a million and one talented musicians on YouTube, and many have followings huge enough to command a stage as big this one. So why did #YouTubeOnstage book someone from outside of the community to not just perform, but actually headline the show?

But either way, Jason Derulo at VidCon looks like it was an overall success.

Whether you're a YouTube Onstage purist, or you don't mind the show's organisers mixing things up a bit by including non-YouTuber acts, you've got to admit that Jason put on a pretty sickening show. Check out Jason's set below:

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