Jayde Pierce Got More Hate For Being A Vlogger Than Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

3 August 2015, 12:04 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

What do you do for a living? Shop assistant? Awesome. McDonalds employee? We're jealous of all those Big Macs. Student? A+! But what if you told us you were a full time vlogger? How would you expect us to react? Slam you down for your job title and laugh? We didn't think so...

British vlogger Jayde Pierce hit the headlines over the weekend for chatting about hanging out with Justin Bieber. But it wasn't really their relationship that sparked confusion but rather what Jayde chooses to do for a living. The 19 year old was first contacted by Bieber back in April, presumably after he realised she's insane levels of hot. When Jayde was on holiday in the States the following month, Justin flew her out to LA and they hung out for a bit and apparently cuddled. So far, so normal.

Vlogger Jayde Pierce and Justin Bieber in LA

But what really got to us about the story were the stacks of comments slating the fact vlogging is a job these days. Obvs we felt a bit angry. Why can't Jayde make a successful living from uploading really great make-up tutorials and beautifully edited photos on Instagram?

We've taken a look at some of the comments from Daily Mail readers about being a full time vlogger and basically thrown shade all over them. Because you really can be a full time vlogger even if your name isn't Zoella.


"And another thing, what the heck's a vblogger?!!!!!"

A blogger is a person with a blog. A vlogger is a video blogger, so basically someone who has a YouTube channel. Glad we established that.

"Didn't realise a beauty blogger is an occupation these days." 

Yes. Yes it is. For thousands of people across the globe. Just like brain surgeon, author and pastry chef is. Beauty blogging can rake in thousands of pounds every year thanks to sponsorship and advertising and these beauty bloggers work damn hard to create great content, edit and manage social media channels. Just because blogging and vlogging isn't a traditional career option, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all. People said unicorns weren't a thing... we proved them wrong.

"Sure! We believe you. 'Blogger'."

Jayde is actually a vlogger. Check her channel out here.

"The amount of people out there who are making ridiculous money for just talking about make up or posting photos of themselves or doing a review of something they got for free is crazy and is exactly what is wrong with the world"

We kinda thought world hunger and terrorism were what's wrong with the world but apparently it's vloggers. Seriously though, a lot of vloggers don't make "ridiculous" money and often have other sidelines like freelance content production, social media management, digital marketing and ,yes, modelling alongside their vlogging roles. Would people have called out beauty journalists in the same way before the Internet existed? Perhaps not...

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