Yup, This Is A Video Of Jeffree Star Cutting A Ł4,500 Bag In Half

12 January 2017, 14:51 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It was literally LIT (on fire).

We wish we hadn't just witnessed this, but Jeffree Star has actually just cut an incredibly valuable Chanel bag in half with a 1000 degree knife. Our hearts are breaking, and by the looks of Jeffree's collab partner, MannyMUA couldn't believe what was happening either. So, if you don't think your heart can handle the emotional strain of seeing people cutting into ridiculously priced objects... please look away now.

Following (or jumping on the trend of) Mr Gear and his unfathomably successful "1000 DEGREE KNIVE VS X" series of videos, Jeffree Star wanted to test out what would happen if he started hacking beauty products to shit. The results were as desired, with lipsticks melting and make-up brushes setting on fire much to the delight of Star and Manny.

You can see some of their cutting antics in the video below - with the Chanel bag crime starting around the 16 minute mark.

If a 20 minute video is too much for you to watch right now, here's a breakdown of everything else the devilish duo hack into over the course of the video:

  • One of Jeffree's much desired highlighting palettes
  • A metallic MAC lipstick
  • A Silisponge
  • One of Manny's liquid lipsticks with OFRA
  • Another one of Jeffree's lip products
  • A tube of L'Oreal's Total Cover Infallible Foundation
  • An Artiste make-up brush
  • A beauty blender
  • Some MAC Strobe Cream (this was chopped up with a boiling hot machete, btw)
  • And of course, the brand new, Italian leather Chanel "Boy Bag" which currently costs Ł4,500 and has a three-year waiting list

Honestly, aside from the manic cutting, the video is freaking hilarious. The two are heard screaming "OOOOH MY GOD" and "I'M SHOOK TO MY CORE" from start to finish as they flee the set to escape from toxic fumes and massive flames. It's truly a must watch - especially if you're also addicted to all these knife videos.