Forget Contouring; Meet The Beauty Products About To Change EVERYTHING

25 May 2016, 10:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Prepare your mirror ball cheekbones!

Kim Kardashian was in London this week in case you didn't know. Whilst her presence in this fine country didn't break any news headlines, she did preview a new trend in makeup that we predict will change the way we shape our face... by dropping the heavy contouring in favour of "non-touring". So leave that bronzer behind and train yourself in the art of the highlighter, thanks to brand new beauty products coming soon from Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill.

Forget chiseled cheeks and contoured noses, the new craze sees beauty gurus and celebrities wearing distinctly less makeup and dabbing on so much shimmery highlighter to their cheeks they make the freaking stars look dull. From the unstoppable forces of both Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill, by the end of May we can guarantee your bank account will be totally empty after buying these drop-dead gorgeous new highlighters set to take the beauty world by storm.


Coming first is Jeffree Star, with his Skin Frost line hitting shelves on the 25th of May. His palette will feature four iconic powder highlights, ranging in colours from white, peach, gold and a shocking mint green - a shade that he calls the "weirdest" colour he's introducing. Each individual colour will cost you $29 (Ł19.81) or $100 (Ł68.32) for a bundle of all four. We've majorly got our eye on that Mint Condition shade to see how revolutionary it will become in the new highlighter trend.

Second up to bat is Jaclyn Hill, the Instagram star with such unfathomable popularity that she was able to break Sephora records with her last collection of products in 2015. Coming on May 26th, the newest addition to her Becca X Jaclyn Hill line will feature a brand new highlighter called Champagne Pop, which will be available online before hitting the high street. The limited edition five-shade palette had a secret flash release last week which saw 20,000 units sell out in only 90 minutes, so make sure you grab a palette when it launches for real. The limited edition collection is $52 (Ł32.53) but you can pick up the Champagne Pop cream compact for $38 (Ł25.96) or liquid version for $41 (Ł28.01).


Will you be buying any of the products before they inevitably sell-out? Let us know in the comments below what highlighter products are your fave right now and whether the likes of Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill will make you swap sides. You can also check out our most recent SLAY or NAY video below to catch up with the all YouTuber news and gossip from the last seven days!