A Full Round Up Of All This Kat Von D And Jeffree Star Drama

20 July 2016, 15:21 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is everything you need to know!

It's been a crazy week of Internet drama with celebrities exposing each others sins left right and centre, but one particular drama has completely rocked the YouTube beauty community, so we're here to round up all the facts. In case you didn't already know, beauty giants Kat Von D and Jeffree Star have declared war with each other over social media and it's pretty darn messy.

Things kicked off on the 16th of July behind the scenes when Kat text Jeffree after finding out that the graphic designer (named BJ) she set him up with years ago had not been paid for his design work on Star's makeup collection, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. KDV sent a message to her friend of 10 years asking; "Hey Jeffree, can you explain to me why you haven't paid BJ?', to which she was promptly told to "go f*ck [her]self" before he blocked the number.


Due to this harsh conversation, Kat took her beef to Instagram with this now highly shared and discussed post calling Jeffree out for his "inappropriate behaviour including promoting drug use, racism, and bullying". One of the most talked about aspects of this post is KVD's desire to "disassociate [herself] from [Star] and his brand from this point on", which will result in her "pulling the shade 'Jeffree' from [her] collection". Ouch!

In response to this incredibly public attack, Jeffree took to Twitter to share his side of the story, in which he basically says that she is lying and "accused [him] of something that wasn't true". You can see his stream of consciousness below.


However, what Jeffree didn't expect when he stated that all this drama wasn't "juicy", was that Kat would then upload a 14-minute long vlog from Singapore explaining her entire side of the story. In the testimonial, she describes her view of the events and how all she wants is for Jeffree "to do the right thing" and pay her friend for his work. It's in this video we hear more about what happened during the launch and production of Jeffree's cosmetics collection.

Having found out that Jeffree had not paid BJ for his work even though it features on "all the caps on all his lipsticks", Kat was fuming that an artist she had "hooked him up with" had been abused and mistreated by someone trying to rebrand themselves as a legitimate business man. It turns out, Jeffree had blocked BJ's phone long before KVD had found out.

In Kat's video, she asked that nobody should "go after Jeffree. I don't want to go and attack or start wars. I think, if anything, we can just, like, send positive vibes his way and hopefully we can make some changes in his life". Once the video was live, it didn't take long for Jeffree to tweet out his response claiming that there is "two sides to every story", whilst over on Snapchat saying that Kat's video was "full of some really interesting lies and propaganda".

On Snapchat, Jeffree continues; "There are two sides to every story, so if you want to believe her, that's fine. But the truth is going to come out. I know you guys are expecting me to pop off and be crazy, but that's not how I react when something's not true. Later tonight, I will be addressing the false allegations, the 'logo drama' which is already squashed, and everything else she lied about". After signing off on Snapchat, Jeffree then tweeted this:

Suddenly, from no where, Jeffree acknowledges his work with BJ throughout the design process of his cosmetics line, but points out that his fans should #chillout over all the KVD drama. Less than an hour later, Kat responded:

In another tweet following the one above, KVD points out that "things are not 'settled' just yet" and asks why it is so hard for him to "just once, sincerely just apologise, make things right and move it?". Since this encounter, Jeffree has not replied and has not uploaded his side of the story. We will keep this story updated however we can as the details become clearer and the community responds to all this hot mess.

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