People Are Calling Out Kim Kardashian For Inviting "Known Racist" Jeffree Star To Her Party

28 June 2017, 10:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

"Jeffree Star is a racist! And a foolish goat"

Kim Kardashian is causing a lot of drama in the world of beauty influencers, it seems. Kim faced backlash after not tagging Jackie Aina in an Instagram post after the YouTuber gave Kim's contour kits a bad review and now people are going for Kim for again claiming she shouldn't have invited "known racist" Jeffree Star to her event.

Like Jackie and other influencers, Jeffree Star was invited to Kim Kardashian's exclusive party to celebrate her line of KKW Beauty products. As well as drinking champagne and having freestyles with Kanye (probably) , the party were afforded the honour of having a selfie with Kim Kardashian hersef.

kim kardashian

Kim then uploaded aforementioned selfie to Instagram

As a result, Kim then faced criticism for associating herself with someone who has been so appallingly racist and homophobic.

And we must not forget that Jackie Aina also attended the event, someone Jeffree recently called "a rat". Awkward!

Kim has yet to respond to people's anger at the Jeffree Star situation but has taken to Twitter to apologise to Jackie Aina about the Instagram mishap, which she blames on Instagram themselves.

Jeffree has also come under fire for his "lazy" and "half-assed" review of Kim Kardashian's products, especially her contour kit which many have criticised.

According to Jeffree's subscribers, Jeffree's review felt lazy and "like he just said [positive things] to get in with Kim Kardashian". In his video Jeffree failed to mention many of the criticisms floating around on social media about the products, namely how little product you actually get for your money and the controversial packaging.

Jeffree isn't one to stand back...

Respnding to criticism that he was justbeing positive just to gain popularity with the most influential pop culture icon of our time, Jeffree said:

"HEY EVERYONE... Every time I review Kylie or Kim K products, everyone gets so vicious. IT'S MAKEUP and these are MY THOUGHTS. Some of you don't like the packaging... THAT'S OK. But I actually do like the nude minimal look. I'm a liar because I like something?? THAT'S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS lol I can like whatever I like. IF this wasn't Kim's product, I wouldn't be getting all the angry people mad that I like a nude stick. It's not that serious. We all have different experiences and that's ok. [sic] "

There's been no word from Kim Kardashian's side about where her decision to invite Jeffree came from but many feel his recent apology video has helped him make amends and build bridges.

What do you think? Should Jeffree have been invited? And should people be calling out his positive review for apparently "sucking up to Kim"?

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