Jeffree Star Slammed For Racist Comments - YouTubers Hit Back

5 July 2016, 15:52 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

jeffree star racist

By Aysen Miller

Drama alert!

Jeffree Star is most known for his iconic drag looks and recently launched beauty products, alongside all other YouTube make-up artists. However, the most popular news surrounding him right now is the success of his lip kits and THAT Kylie Jenner drama. Or so we thought.

It has recently come to our attention that Jeffree Star is being named and shamed by various different YouTubers for racial slurs and violent comments. The news that Jeffree had been slammed as a racist began circling again last month when beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole reviewed his beauty brand and then took it upon herself to call out his past behaviours. Stephanie believes that it is all YouTubers due diligence to research the person and brand they are reviewing, so that they can make honest judgements and recommendations to their viewers. Which is totally fair, right?!

Just over ten years ago, Jeffree Star uploaded a video onto MySpace, which has since been deleted, that includes another drag queen who is dressed in "blackface". In this supposedly "satirical" video Jeffree is heard saying that he wants to throw battery acid on an African-American woman to lighten her face so it matches her foundation. Shocking.

This isn't Jeffree Star's first run-in with the black community on social media. Drama erupted between Jeffree and Make Up by Shayla after a comment was misinterpreted at a beauty event in Las Vegas. The drag star took to Snapchat to slate Shayla in what he thought was a "professional" manner, to which she responded back. He also launched a personal attack on her via a string of horrendous tweets calling her a man, a fake, and threatening to beat her up. Warning: The following footage contains REALLY bad languagethroughout. As a YouTube community who are so against bullying, it is worrying that many viewers are sticking behind Jeffree. As someone with such a vast following, Jeffree needs to set boundaries with the content that he shares online. It isn't the right impression to be giving to an audience of millennials, even more so as a brand owner, and as Stephanie Nicole says, "it circles back to the ethics of this company and the owner, and every time you buy something for them, you're basically condoning this behaviour." We all know how much influence YouTubers have across social media communities, and when Gracie Francesca caught wind of Jeffree Star's racial slander, the internet blew up once again last night.

So let's just hope for his sake, he can learn from this mistakes as nothing is ever completely deleted from the internet, and things can always come back to haunt you!

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