Jeffree Star Could Face Legal Action After "Exposing" This Makeup Brand

28 April 2017, 14:57 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

jeffree star

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You're gonna need a lot of cups for the tea that Jeffree is spilling...

You know by now that Jeffree Star is not one to keep his opinions to himself. As well as his makeup empire, Jeffree has built an entire career on saying exactly what he thinks - and who about. However, it seems as if he's gone a bit too far after "exposing" NikkieTutorials on Snapchat and landed himself in some big legal trouble as a result. Let us break it down...

It's pretty common knowledge that Jeffree is not a fan of Too Face Cosmetics and its founder Jerrod Blandino. In one of his many, many problems with Jerrod, Jeffree has thrown shade at Too Faced and accused them of ripping off Tarte Cosmetics with their latest unicorn lipstick. But it was only when the controversial creator went one step further and attacked Too Faced for the way their work with fellow YouTuber NikkieTutorials that he landed in some serious legal trouble.

jeffree star to faced

In a now-deleted Snapchat rant and Tweet, Jeffree went in on Too Faced and "exposed" some of the work they do with Nikkie.

Jeffree tweeted: "Hey @jerrordblandio... should I expose how shady you were with @NikkieTutorials contract or maybe save that for another day?"

"If you guys knew the REAL truth behind Nikkie's @toofaced palette contract, you'd cry for her... But I'll let her tell you one day".

This isn't the first time Too Faced have faced drama around their collab with Nikkie; people went in on the company when the palette was released, claiming it was incredibly poor quality. Nikkie herself stayed fairly quiet on the issue; but did tweet back in February that she'd been "played", leading people to believe Too Faced were far from ethical.

The details of the contract Nikkie had with Too Faced reveal how much she was paid.

Because this information should be under embargo, Jeffree could face legal action. This video from drama channel 'Here For The Te'a discusses the entire history of the Jeffree/Nikkie/Too Faced issues:

Of course, Jeffree was never going to stay quiet despire the fact he may be sued by either Nikkie herself or Estee Lauder who owns Too Faced. Jeffree tweeted: "When other companies and brands want to try and fuck with my money and business behind the scenes.. Get ready for a blood bath."

This story will be updated with more information as it arises.

But we doubt this is going to end anytime soon...


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