Jesse Wellens Shares Heartbreaking New Video About His Secret Daughter

7 March 2017, 12:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We hope this video brings Jesse some peace.

It's been nearly 10 months since Jesse Wellens broke the Internet with his revelations of hiding a secret daughter from his fans; but it looks like now he's finally ready to talk about it. In a low-key video uploaded to the PrankvsPrank channel over the weekend, Jesse responds to the barrage of requests he gets every day for information about his daughter, by telling us the entire story.

He starts off the video by making it clear that "this video will not be monetised"; and that he doesn't want people to "judge [his] story by the chapter you walked in on". Jesse hopes that in making and releasing this video, he will be able to find the answers he needs in regards to the legitimacy of his parental ties with the young girl - whom he has not had contact with for over 14 years.

You can watch his heartbreaking story in the video below.

The story starts back when Jesse was 19 years old and dating a young girl before he left to join the military. "I was doing the things that would happen to make someone pregnant," he admits. "Not thinking, not caring". Then after months at bootcamp, Jesse graduated his training; to be greeted by the news that his girlfriend was pregnant, and the baby was his - and he bravely said he "took responsibility" for his actions.

He reacted to the news by admitting "I'm a little bit brainwashed, my brain isn't like, performing correctly after you graduate bootcamp... But this is gonna be okay, I'm in the Service, I'll get great benefits, the baby will have a great life, we'll get married and we'll raise this child".

At this point in time, Jesse had to spend two extra months in a Police Academy whilst his girlfriend moved in with his parents. But it was during this time that Jesse began to develops doubts about his DNA ties to the child.

secret daughter

In phone calls back home, Jesse found out his girlfriend had been fighting with another woman but refused to talk about why; which "seemed fishy" to him. He contacted the girl she fought with, and here he found out that "Christine thinks two other guys might be the dad" because she was "cheating on [him] like crazy".

After hearing this news, Jesse began to do the maths on his likelihood as the father to this secret daughter as he recalls trying to do the numbers to see if their relationship added up: "The only way that child could be mine is if she got pregnant that very last day before [he] joined bootcamp based on the amount of time she was pregnant and when [he] left".

However, whenever he pushed the mother for a paternity test, she denied him one because she was "giving the baby up for adoption".

Whilst he could not attend the birth of the child due to his training, his name was still put on the birth certificate as the child's father. Thankfully the child lived with a "really nice family that couldn't have children" that he was able to stay in contact with, that was until the girl reached six years old.

When the girl reached six, "she just cut me off and [he] didn't know if maybe it was because she found out [he] might not be the dad". Jesse also has concerns that the parents cut him off because they "were kinda nervous because [he] was getting kinda popular on the Internet" - but either way, it's been 14 years and he still does not know if he is that girl's father or not: "There's a 33.3% chance that that's my daughter and that just freaks me out every day".

Below is one of the tweets Jesse shared back in May regarding the existence of his daughter.

It was the first his fans had ever heard about his fatherhood, and it came as a huge shock to the entire community.

secret daughter

At the end of the video, Jesse states that by uploading it to the internet it "hopefully brings something back and [he] can get answers" to the questions that have been keeping him up at night. He also hopes it stops his fans from "disrespecting" him with overwhelming and personal questions about a secret daughter he knows so little about.

We hope sharing this video of his secret daughter brings Jesse the answers he's desperately looking for. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.