Jim Chapman Talks Luxury Men's Fashion In New GQ Series

23 February 2016, 11:40 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Thinking of buying a suit? Use Jim's handy new guide.

In the past few years, Jim Chapman has made some seriously important steps towards his goal of becoming the Fashion King of the World. And now his newest venture, a three-part miniseries for GQ magazine's YouTube channel, promises to excel his career even further.

Launched today, The Luxury Of Less officially debuted on British GQ's channel as a series that "sets out to discover if less really is more by exploring some of the more traditionally expensive classics in a man's wardrobe". Each episode will focus on a different area within the closet by exploring in-depth the cost, time and craft it takes to make some of the most expensive and desirable products on the fashion market - suits, shirts and ties.

In Jim's first episode he discovers what it means to have a bespoke suit made uniquely for your body and how it compares against the mass-produced suits you can find on the highstreet; "Visiting the cutting rooms of Saville Row's Gieves & Hawkes, [Jim] learns the power of a good suit, why tailoring is of the utmost important, and how it takes more than 100 hours to complete the finished piece". 100 hours?! How do these people have time to wear the suits!?

Talking about why he wanted to take part in the GQ series, Jim shares his thirst to find out why luxury items are often considered an 'investment' on the buyers behalf; "A lot of classic items tend to be quite expensive - I want to know the process behind them and why I’m paying more. What we’re going to do is explore why it takes years of skills and months of care to make a bespoke suit, for example, turning it into an investment that will last years and perhaps even your whole life”.

Jim Chapman

The episodes will be released on a weekly basis every Tuesday until the series is through, with the episodes taking Jim Chapman as far as Tag Heuer's Swiss watchmaking headquarters to discover the art behind watch craft. At the end of every episode, a buying guide is supplied for people who are interested in buying suits, shirts or ties but are on a slightly smaller budget than 'luxury'. With Jim's newest "Best Dressed Man Of 2015" accolade, you know you should trust his advice!