London Marathon Sees YouTubers Raise THOUSANDS For Charity

30 March 2016, 10:39 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

london marathon

By Charleyy Hodson

Do you think they'll vlog the whole race?!

Every year, 26.2 miles of London road is tapered off so thousands of people can run, skip and walk past some of the most famous tourist spots in the world whilst raising money for charity. So far, 247,079 people have applied to run in 2016's London Marathon, and amongst them will be two YouTubers who have collectively raised thousands of pounds thanks to their dedicated fanbase.

The race, which takes place on April the 24th, "is one of the world's best sporting events, as well as one of life's great challenges", says Niomi Smart on her Virgin Money fundraising page where she has raised Ł871.50 for her charity so far. From 92 donators, Niomi is donating all her funds to Cancer Research UK and hoping that all her training and hard work will help her cross the finish line in "the world's largest fundraising event".

Another YouTuber "lacing up [his] trainers and taking to the streets of London" is Jim Chapman who is hoping to raise money for his selected charity, British Heart Foundation. His JustGiving target was set at Ł200 originally but has quickly skyrocketed to Ł2,213.11 (at the time of writing) thanks to promotion from Zoella and a lovely donation of Ł500 from Nala the pug.

Jim selected the BHF to sponsor in the upcoming marathon because "every week in the UK, 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die from undiagnosed cardiac conditions. Through its research, the BHF is aiming to create a world where no one dies prematurely from heart disease. This is why I am supporting the BHF; I want to help them continue their fight against heart disease".

Jim's involvement in the London Marathon follows on from a previous interview with GQ in which he discussed an interest to get into better shape for 2016. Oh, he also says that he's "not only doing it to look good", but doesn't want to "die on the day or get overtaken by a guy dressed as a pair of testicles". We feel your pain Jim.