Jim Chapman Admits He’s “Bothered” By Tanya’s Hate Comments

6 October 2016, 14:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

jim chapman interview

By Charleyy Hodson

What a sweetheart!

YouTubers and other social media stars have openly talked about the level of hate they receive for doing their day job. Whether it's aimed at their content, their appearance or at literally anything else in the world, one of the main recommendations to do when you receive hate is to just straight up ignore it. However, for one very devoted husband, Jim Chapman admits that seeing his wife Tanya get hate comments is "hard to see".

On the red carpet for the London Film Festival, Jim was interviewed by the Belfast Telegraph about his life online and how it feels to be attending hugely popular events without his significant other, Tanya Burr. This conversation quickly led onto a chat about dealing with hate online, and his urge to "defend his wife" when she garners criticisms from her YouTube content. You can see his quick interview below:

Aside from dealing with Tanya's comments, Jim talks more about his feelings towards his own comments section on YouTube; "I'm very lucky that I don't get a great deal [of negative comments]. It's humbling in a way to look through and not be able to find that many". When prompted as to why he thinks this way, he believes it's because the girls who watch him "tend not to write nothing things" and the guys who watch "just don't bother" commenting at all.

Even though he admits it "bothers" him seeing Tanya get nasty messages, he does point out that Tanya has "very thick skin as she's being doing it for while so she's fine with it". You can't keep the Chapman's down! Also, we got a sneaky scoop that one of the next videos to come out on Jim's channel is actually going to be about hate comments - so keep your eyes peeled on his YouTube channel to see what he talks about.


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