Joanne The Scammer Reveals The Heartbreaking Reason Behind Her Hiatus

21 February 2018, 15:45

Joanne The Scammer
Joanne The Scammer. Picture: Fader

By Josh Lee

Branden Miller revealed the heartbreaking reason behind his much-loved creation's absence on Instagram.

Just 18 months ago, it felt as though Joanne The Scammer was everywhere. But over the past several months, the internet's favourite caucasian woman's online visibility began to recede, with no explanation. Now, the actor behind Joanne The Scammer has opened up about her disappearance - and sadly it's not good news.

In an emotional Instagram video, Joanne The Scammer's creator Branden Miller revealed that he has been taking a break from creating content because his mother has cancer.

Promising that Joanne "won't be gone much longer," Branden explains in the caption that this mother was "diagnosed with cancer a year ago."

"Making people laugh is something I enjoy doing especially when it's natural and from me," he continued. "But when things are not ok I have to look out for myself first. And they aren't okay right now... but they will be."

In the video, Branden says that his mother's condition is sadly incurable, and that she is his last remaining parent. Because of that, he wants to focus on remaining mentally healthy as he works through this tragic situation.