Here's EVERYTHING We Know About Joe And Zoe Sugg's Secret Project

16 May 2016, 11:41 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We can't wait for the release!

Joe and Zoe Sugg are probably the most famous siblings in the world, having both conquered YouTube success and gone on to produce everything from books to beauty ranges for their millions of adoring fans across the globe. So surely it would make sense for this brother and sister duo to team up and do some sort of huge collab together? Well, luckily for us it appears to be on the cards.

Joe and Zoe Sugg

We first got wind of Joe and Zoe's secret project earlier this year, although when we had a dig around and searched through some tweets it seems fans were predicting a big project together for Joe and Zoe back in 2014.

From Snapchat clips to sneaky hints in vlogs, the Suggs have been teasing us for months and have had a series of top secret meetings at Zoe's home in Brighton.

In a vlog uploaded on Joe's channel on Sunday 15th May, Joe can be seen heading to Brighton to visit Zoe- and picking up a pasty along the way. After playing with Nala (or Alan, as Joe calls her), the vlog cuts to the pair after they've finished a secret meting and they remain pretty tight lipped throughout the rest of the video.

However, Joe nearly gives the game away when filming whilst saying goodbye to Zoe and has to blur the floor area out for fear we'll see something we're not supposed to!

Joe and Zoe Sugg

Joe also claimed that the project isn't something we'll initially think it could be, although we reckon that could be a double bluff. Below we've made a poll to find out what you guys think the Joe and Zoe Sugg project could be and we'd like you to vote. If we had to place our bets, we reckon it could be a sibling scrapbook filled with cute pictures of the pair of them when they were younger and space for you to fill in sections and doodle with your brother or sister. But it could be anything!

It's a very busy time for Zoe as the Zoella Beauty Twitter account revealed today that there's something huge coming later this week- colour Zoe finally be announcing her brand new beauty additions? You'll be the first to hear about it here on

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