Joe Sugg Just Hosted The Annual Sugg Awards And Leo Still Didn't Win

19 January 2016, 12:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Did your fave scoop up the most awards this year?!

So Joe Sugg just hosted his annual Sugg Awards, filmed from the very lavish stage in Oli White's flat. He comes out in a dazzling suit (with pockets full of leaves?!) and then dives straight into the awards.

If you haven't watched the exclusive video yet, don't worry, we have the entire list of winners below!


The Biggest Fail Of 2015 = Oli White In General! (it really went to Joe's Vlogmas though...)


Best Male YouTuber = Joe Weller!


Best YouTuber Book = Connor Franta / A Work In Progress!


Best Challenge Award = The Brain Freeze Challenge / Caspar Lee!


Best Female YouTuber = Zoella! (Oli then calls Joe out on his nepotism to which the award is then split with Tanya!)


Best Daily Vlogger = Roman Atwood! 


Prankster Of The Year = Joe Sugg! (he claims that the vote came straight from Facebook, but as the poll was hosted on his page we smell a cheat here!)


Feel Good Video Of The Year = 'Surprising Friends And Family On Christmas / Oli White'! (oh wait no, Joe fudges up reading a blank card and realises the real winner in Will Darbyshire in general!)


And finally ... Best Channel Of 2015 = DanAndPhilCRAFTS! 


If you want to watch the whole video, it's posted below! But if you want to read more about how punny Joe Sugg can be, check out our highly intelligent piece of original content...