Joe Sugg And Caspar Lee Are No Longer Roommates

29 February 2016, 14:39 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is the biggest heartbreak of the Century.

Who even cares if Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar anymore. We've all been shattered from our moment of utter delight by the awful news that in the next few months Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee will be moving out their beloved flat... and moving into their own separate homes. *weeps for days*

Over the weekend, Twitter went pretty crazy about the totally unexpected split, with memes and reaction gifs being tweeted so consistently that "Joe and Caspar" actually ended up trending in the UK for a little while. But what is the truth? What is actually happening to one of our favourite bromances on the entire planet? We can find out in Joe's latest Q&A; video.

Addressed in the video above, Joe calls in Caspar to address the elephant in the room regarding their moving out situation. After looking at their 2016 diaries and realising that they're spending pretty much the entirety of the year away, the YouTube duo have decided to sell their current flat and each move into their own separate homes. Yes, they will not longer be "sleeping in the same stone structure", but still assure us that absolutely nothing will change.

"We've got two places within walking distance of each other. We've spent more time together this year than we have any of the other two years that we've been living together", says Joe as he talks about a new chapter in their lives in which they officially live apart. With a touching montage at the end of the video to celebrate all the amazing times the two have spent in the house, we're comforted in the knowledge that Joe's Q&A;'s and Caspar's Roommate Q&A;'s will still feature each other as they have keys to each others new homes.

So I suppose we can now reveal... that absolutely nothing bad is going to happen. That was, until someone found their old flat on a real estate website and potentially risked Jaspar's privacy and lives by sharing it to their hoards of fans and followers. And we all know what happened to Zoella when her address was leaked... If you need more answers to your burning questions, Joe took to Twitter to help out all of his panicked and freaked out fans - you can find his statement below.