Why Was This YouTuber Kicked By A Professional Footballer?

6 September 2016, 18:41 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Joe Weller gets targeted by ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher in a charity football match - but did he have it coming?

YouTubers are getting a lot of really cool opportunities these days - book deals, acting gigs, and now some even get to play football in the Wembley Cup. But in this last case, it looks like they might not be as welcome in a new role - just ask Joe Weller.

Joe and fellow YouTuber Spencer Matthews had the privilege of captaining rival teams in a charity match this weekend. The teams were composed of football "legends" that appear in "FIFA 17" - including former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher. During the match, Carra was seen booting Joe in the back of the leg as he jumped for possession of the ball; then apparently calling him a "stupid little prick" as he walked away, leaving Joe rolling on the ground.



Yikes! Joe recounts the experience on the pitch in a new vlog, with some choice words for "40 year-old man" Carragher, and evidence of his rowdy sportsmanship throughout the match.

"Fair enough, for the majority of the game, I was in his pocket," owns up Joe. "But mate, why are you elbowing people in the face?"

But as it turns out, being "in his pocket" and even just "being a YouTuber" might not have been Joe's only crime; just a couple of days before the match, Joe sent a goading Tweet singling out Carra, that just said "Hope ur ready". Whoops.

joe weller

Meanwhile, Carra himself hasn't had much to say on the subject when asked: except for four scathing words that sum up Joe's actions on the pitch.