Joey Graceffa's Novel Is Going To Be EVERYTHING.

22 July 2016, 16:47 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

Move aside Hunger Games!

In a completely non-dramatic, very vanilla video announcement (lolz, sarcasm, this video is so no chill it hurts us in the hurty places), Joey Graceffa has revealed some BRILLIANT news: This October, his second book will hit the shelves. And the storyline is INSANE.

Following the release of his autobiography, Joey's new book will be a fictional dystopian novel called 'Children of Eden'. It's been written with a young adult audience in mind, and can already be pre-ordered in the US, UK and Australia via Joey's website.

With regard to the plot, Joey says; "It's set in the future, in a dystopian world where I foresee our world going - to self-destruction.

"Humans have ruined their world, and the world has become a giant wasteland except for this one city called Eden. The story takes place following the main character - Rowan. In the new Eden world, resources are very few. To protect the human population, laws are put in place where families can only have one child. Now, Rowan is born a twin. So her family decides to hide her, so she becomes a prisoner within her own house.

One night, she just can't take it. She needs to see the outside world and... drama happens."


Long-time Joey fans will be delighted to see that the video starts with an action-packed montage of short films he's released throughout the past year, the perfect build up to this incredible new announcement. This time, though, the dream is that the book is made into a movie, as opposed to his past endeavours which have been applied only to YouTube videos.

'Children of Eden' will be published by 'Keyword Press', as per his autobiography. The firm have also published books by other YouTube stars, including iJustine, Shane Dawson, Shay Carl and Connor Franta.