YouTuber Caught FAKING The Most Racist Social Experiment Ever

20 October 2016, 11:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's time to stop.

For a long time, the YouTube community have fought back viciously against "social experiments" and prank channels trying to create shocking and powerful videos in order to bait clicks. But thankfully one of the worst offenders for this, Joey Salads, has been caught in the act faking one of the most racist social experiments we've ever seen uploaded to YouTube.

Titled, "Trump Car DESTROYED In Black Neighbourhood", Joey sets out his plan to see how much "black people don't like Trump" by planting a Trump branded car in a "black neighbourhood" to see if it gets trashed. Within "15 minutes", people can be seen smashing the car to freaking bits, thus proving some stupid point Joey was making about how violent the #BlackLivesMatter movement is. The truly shocking thing is that it's all faked... and now there's proof.

Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions breaks down Joeys' video (now that it has been removed from his channel) along with the Snapchat videos documenting Joey filming and faking his social experiment with the "hooligan" actors.

Following the video and the subsequent fallout from not just the BLM community but everyone who has a brain cell and a strong moral compass, Joey Salads has taken to Twitter to play the victim card: "There are dozens of videos online of BLM protesters attacking Trump supporters... To the BLM community who are threatening my life for making black people look bad, you are making black people look bad". As you can imagine, this has kicked up a lot of fury.

In addition to Ethan, Phillip DeFranco weighed in on the faking scandal to tell Joey that it's 100% not okay to fake your own racist propaganda to support your political agenda because REAL footage of violent protests already exist: "You're a piece of sh*t who doesn't know what to do in his life knowing that you have no real value in the world... You're a garbage person, my friend".

Since all this, Joey has removed the video from channel has posted the below apology. In it, he points out that "there's no excuse" for faking the social experiment but he has removed it now because he "could have left the video up and made thousands of dollars"... which isn't the point. He also says that he will be donating "thousands of dollars and gifts" to shelters and black communities, but "no one will believe [him] now" after this social media sh*tstorm. You can see that below:


How do you feel after looking at all this evidence of Joey Salads faking racist social experiments - should action be taken against his channel or is this just another idiot posting on YouTube in the name of free will? Let us know in the comments below!