Prank YouTuber Sets Transgender Equality Back A Decade In One Awful Video

20 April 2016, 11:21 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Joey Salads puts on a wig and uses a women's bathroom to make sure that the discrimination of trans people in public spaces remains nice and intact.

Many parts of the United States are currently dealing with new discriminatory laws targeting transgender people. With North Carolina prohibiting trans people from using the appropriate public restrooms to private companies denying goods and services to minorities under "religious freedom", the discussion surrounding transgender rights and the stigma of people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum needs to be handled with perspective, respect, and a whole lot of tact.

Luckily, popular pranking boy Joey Salads, who seemingly possesses none of those qualities, is here to make sure that discussion takes a thousand steps backwards.

After hearing two sides of the gender discussion from his "trans friend" and his "doctor friend" (both of whom seem to have opinions that sound like they were directly lifted from YouTube comments), Salads decides to settle things himself with a hamfisted "social experiment" - by posing as a transgender person and visiting women's bathrooms. But don't worry! This has all been done with the guidance and approval of this trans friend that we never see! So chill out!

joey salads transgender bathroom experimentHe uses "SJW" unironically, so you know he's totally serious about having a balanced perspective.

Here's the basic breakdown: Salads, in his cross-dress but maintaining his normal voice and demeanour, walks in and out of a women's bathroom and captures the reaction from people inside (thankfully the camera stays outside).

Most women panic, yelling things like "You can’t be in here! You can’t just say you’re a girl!"; but at least one girl takes the more progressive effort with a "good for you" asking how long he has been out as a woman.

Salads still concludes at the end of the video that most women feel uncomfortable being forced to share a bathroom with a transgender person; instead of the actual conclusion, which was they were uncomfortable being forced to share a bathroom with Joey Salads.

joey salads transgender bathroom experimentThe solution is called "you, never weighing in on this issue again, ever"

Thanks to Salads' actions, the video has become a lightning rod for every kind of bigoted transphobic opinion available. The comments are a hive of prejudice, and conservative media is sharing the video with relish.

Why Salads couldn't find an actual trans person to conduct this "experiment" in a balanced, sensible way is a mystery; Apparently his "trans friend" was mysteriously unavailable, in the same way my super cool friend already has the new Nintendo, but you don't know him, he goes to a different school. Either way, the discussion has just taken a massive U-turn thanks, once again, to a prank YouTuber thirsty for clicks.

This is exactly why we said we were done with social experiments at the beginning of this year.

If you really want to see the video, click play below.