Joey Salads "Fears For His Life" After Distasteful Terrorism Prank

16 June 2016, 10:51 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Joey Salads has received death threats after offending Muslims all over the world.

There is no doubt that the Internet is a controversial place; it is a platform that gives people the ability to speak freely about the issues that they want to address. However, sometimes this freedom of speech is taken too far and the line between appropriate and inappropriate is crossed - and it's usually by YouTube's biggest pranksters.

We're not shy of calling out these 'pranks' here at We The Unicorns, having reported on the situations where it's just gone too far, but we have never seen a YouTuber fearing for their life after uploading another one of these videos. The vlogger in question today is Joey Salads, who is known for his controversial pranks (or 'Social Experiments' as he likes to call them) and has received death threats this week after his most recent upload.

On Monday 13th June, Salads, who has over one million subscribers, uploaded a video titled 'Terrorism RADICAL Islam vs RADICAL Christianity (Social Experiment)' which see's himself, and his friend Stevie Croutons, show the different reactions to a faked Islamic terrorist attack, and a Christian one. Joey posted the video  just a day after the horrific mass terrorist shooting in Orlando and many have taken to the Internet to call out Joey for his insensitivity and just plain ignorance.

Since then the Internet has gone crazy over the offensive 'prank' and Salads has taken to his vlog channel to explain himself and the reasons behind filming such a controversial video. In his video called 'EXPLAINED, TERRORISM SOCIAL EXPERIMENT' he tells the camera that the 'Social Experiment' had been filmed over a month ago and that he chose to upload it now as "it's a very relevant topic". He goes on to say that his video was just their to "open up the dialog and get people talking to get to the root of what could be the problem".

But after his explanation, things escalated further. Joey posted a video to his vlog channel on Tuesday revealing that he had just been attacked. The upsetting video sees Joey looking distressed with a swollen bruised eye and he struggles to get his words out. He goes on to explain that he was only "trying to help" but now all of his "f***ing information is out their and people want to kill (him)".  He goes on to tell us that he was just "showing how people discriminate" and asks the camera "why am I getting punched in the face for was just a f***ing video."

And it's not just the public that are calling him out, Yousef Saleh Erakat, better known as fouseyTUBE, posted a video on his vlog channel where he spoke about Salads and his 'prank'. He exclaimed how he is "sick and tired" of people relating the word terrorist to the religion of Islam "in anyway shape or form". He went on to ask Joey "why is the Christian in (the) experiment dressed in normal clothing?" and that if he wanted to push a stereotype he should "have the other character as the KKK."

However, this distasteful terrorism prank isn't the first time that Joey Salads has offended the Internet. Just over two months ago the YouTuber dressed up as a woman and entered the ladies toilets as a part of a "Transgender Social Experiment" video, which set the LGBT community back almost a decade.

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