John Green Travels To Jordan To Learn More About Syrian Refugees

1 March 2016, 14:31 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If only more people in the world were like John Green.

No other YouTubers on the web are as inspirational and charitable than Hank and John Green. With their MEGA YouTube convention Vidcon, annual charity fundraiser Project For Awesome and massively education channel VlogBrothers, these brothers have single-handedly helped a whole generation of viewers learn more about the world around them and each other. But for John Green's next lesson, he's travelled all the way to Jordan to learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis.

Supported by The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, John plans to stay in Jordan for the next new months in order to "help communicate some of the extraordinary stories of escape and survival and help highlight the vital role of UNHCR in supporting and protecting refugees". Vlogs and image galleries can be found on the official UNHCR website as John Green continues to update his journey throughout the crisis in Asia by meeting victims and families.

In his promotional video (above) where he states why he's in Jordan, John reveals some very upsetting statistics about the refugee crisis and why it's important for viewers and fans of his YouTube channel to keep engaged with all the work he is doing;

“There are over 600,000 refugees here in Jordan and a staggering 16 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes because of war and persecution. I’m here to learn their stories and share some of them with you so please keep coming back to [UNHCR] over the next days, weeks and months as we continue to post content here. And thanks for being awesome.”

Back in September 2015, John uploaded a video to the VlogBrothers main channel in an attempt to explain the basics about the current European, Syrian and Global refugee crisis. As well as discussing the recent surge in news coverage regarding the European Union, John discusses the legal and moral objections of countries like the US and why they need to start providing new homes for more of these refugees. For these reasons, he's become somewhat of a respected source for the ongoing struggles.

John's whole journey will be captured and uploaded to the official UNHCR website with snapshots being shared across his social media. We encourage you to sit up and listen to what John will be sharing over the next couple of weeks as he uncovers a great deal of truth that viewers will not experience from mainstream media.