Jon Cozart Just Savagely Dragged Jake Paul And He Did NOT Hold Back

28 September 2017, 10:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jon Cozart Just Savagely Dragged Jake Paul And He

By Benedict Townsend

As part of his unrelenting rampage at the Streamy Awards, Jon Cozart decided to dedicate a section of time specifically just to calling out Jake and Logan

It's safe to say that Jon Cozart was on something of a rampage at this year Streamy Awards. As well as roasting the living hell out of every major YouTuber under the sun, the 'After Ever After' star turned his attention to the way YouTube stars use their platform to discuss social issues - or rather, don't.

In a scathing segment, Jon pulled up some tweets from around the time of the Charlottesville protests, and asked what YouTubers had said about the controversy. The Paul brothers were directly in his sights, but David Dobrik also got put on blast. There weren't many laughs in the room, and to be honest there weren't really supposed to be - it appeared that Jon wasn't really trying to be funny, but was genuinely trying to make a point. Take a look: